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is a well-behaved canine

​Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and training is an essential ingredient to a trusting, healthy relationship between a guardian and their beloved pet. ​Learning proper communication and how to read canine body language is a valuable investment of your time and energy.

We specialize in working with dogs displaying aggressive behavior by educating guardians, identifying triggers, removing stress from the dogs life, managing chaotic events when they do happen and treating the source of the issue through counter conditioning and desensitization.

We do not use remote or prong collars. Reward-based methods are backed by science to produce permanent results and a happier dog eager to work for you. We are proud to say we train without pain, fear, or force! 

   Contact us to set up a FREE 30-minute phone consultation so we can customize your initial training plan.


All training programs include $5 off future boarding per night and lifetime phone and email support. 

It's best if everyone in the household and any other parties that handle the dog regularly can attend lessons, this will help your dog receive consistent messages and provide as much support as possible.

We are also pleased to offer a complimentary matchmaking service for anyone looking to add a dog to their family via shelter/rescue. We are committed to placing dogs in the right home to reduce shelter surrenders. 


1 Private lesson, 45 minutes $80

3 Play dates, 45 minutes $100

Are your dogs fighting at home? Did you recently adopt a dog and you'd like to see if they get along with your neighbor's dog? Did your dog get into trouble at the dog park and you'd like an evaluation? Do you have a puppy that isn't fully vaccinated yet but you know the right thing to do is to introduce them to some healthy tolerant dogs while they're in their prime socialization period?


Click on the AVSAB logo to read their position statement on puppy socialization.

We are the only local training facility offering off leash group socialization opportunities for dogs. In our initial socialization class you will learn: how to properly introduce your dog to other dogs, we will go over body language, play styles, when to step in and when to walk away, as well as how to break up a fight if needed. This class is offered on a case by case basis, if you don't have any record of the dog's past we may require a volunteer dog to start. After the initial socialization class your dog is welcome to do play date bundles. 


1 Private lesson, 90 minutes $145


Scared of his shadow? Barking and lunging on leash?  Fighting with other dogs? Biting people? Whining all day and night? We can help all dogs regardless of breed or bite history! Behavior modification lessons are custom-tailored to you and your dog's needs. 


We start with a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the behaviors you have witnessed, the dog's history as you know it and your ultimate goals so we can customize your initial training plan. Follow up sessions are scheduled as needed depending on the severity of the case.





7 DAY 6 NIGHT WEEK $840-$1070

Maximum 2 students per week

Your dog boards with us as we work with them multiple times per day, then transition the skills to you. We always recommend private lessons first so we can teach you how to work with your dog. This program is available for obedience training ($840) and behavior modification ($1070). We recommend 1-4 weeks depending on the dog's current skill set and the owner's goals. Potty training requires a 3 week minimum and medical clearance from the vet. CLICK HERE to contact us today and get a head start!



Alpha Love students get $10 off

We pick up your dog(s) and take them to a public location for socialization, leash walking, and adding distractions to obedience cues. We work at the dog's pace according to their skill and comfort level. This service is especially helpful for reactive dogs. We work for two hours then bring your dog(s) home exhausted and full of confidence!



Live video sessions via Zoom/Skype/Facetime bring the fun straight to your living room! This option is available for obedience lessons and behavior modification.



As evaluators for AKC we can test your dog for the CGC certification. This title is the first step to getting your dog certified as a therapy, emotional support or service dog.



or 6 hours for $450

This is a great option for clients looking to add a training session while they work. Clients are welcome to join the fun or the trainer can work alone with the dog. At least one private lesson at our facility is required to qualify each dog for this program. This can be especially helpful for reactive dogs that need an experienced handler to make sure the dog stays safe and as stress free as possible.

4 Private lessons, 45 minutes, once per week $290

We teach you how to train your dog. Private lessons are held at our home based facility located in a rural location with minimal distractions to set you and your dog up for success.


Our Basic Obedience program is perfect for puppies or dogs with no prior training. The skills covered include:

  • Marker training

  • Beginner cues

  • Name recognition

  • Potty training plan

  • Crate training

  • Hand targeting

  • Body handling

  • Beginner loose leash walking

  • Basic house manners

  • Food delivery routine

  • Beginner impulse control

  • Confidence building games

  • Relaxation zone (Place)



Our Intermediate Obedience program builds on skills learned during basic training. The skills covered include:

  • Adding minor distractions to cues

  • Recall with minor distractions 

  • Place while visitors enter

  • Structured loose leash walking

  • Relaxation protocol

  • Interactive games 

  • Concentrate on specific behaviors 


Our Advanced Obedience program is great for dogs that need a challenge! The skills covered include:

  • Adding distance, duration, and major distractions

  • Invisible barrier work

  • Place with distractions outdoors

  • Body awareness

  • Relaxation in the presence of dogs and people

  • Heel position 

  • Public socialization 

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